Cara Zaller

Cara is a licensed nutritionist. Working from home while raising kids and living in a new area, Cara finally decided to give pickleball a try after a neighbor's friend told her she met 50 people in a short amount of time. It turns out she was right and now Cara has a huge community of friends. Not long after starting to play, her new friends would tell her that she needed to compete. Once they planted that seed, there was no turning back. Cara has been competing mostly in singles but has been working hard on her doubles game too. Cara can be found meeting with clients, speaking at various events such as the upcoming Pickleball Summit, lifting weights, cooking, walking or doing yoga.

Howie E. Greenberg

aka Howie G started playing pickleball in Arizona four years ago. He splits his time in NY and AZ and is active in the Sun City Festival PB club with over 1200 players. He and his wife Suzanne also made their NY friends in the sport and encouraged their best friends to build a home court. When he’s not in his law office doing business deals you can find him golfing, hiking and biking and playing ultimate frisbee.

Christa C. Olson

Christa started playing pickleball in 2020 when she quickly fell in love with the game and plays as often as she can!  Christa, her husband Jim and their three children McKenna, James and Brogan live in New York. On her downtime, you can find Christa hanging out with her cats and is often referred to as the “Cat Mom”. After years of teaching, Christa became an Aesthetician and a Health & Wellness Coach.  Looking and feeling your best is what Christa is passionate about, so partnering with pɪ́kəl is the perfect complement to help people strive to be the best version of themselves on and off the court!